When will an update be released that will read sp1200 files?

When will an update be released that will read sp1200 files? Just received my 2400, apologies if this topic has been covered.

There have been some discussions about an add on that could read sp1200 floppies but that is the extent of it. With covid and delays and numerous other logics due to shortages nothing has been discussed further. However the machine itself will only read Wav files specifically for a variety of reasons so no not in the way you are thinking.

That new Rossum SP-1200 comes with a " 3.5” Disk with modified software for transferring data from vintage classic SP-1200 units". I wonder how that works and if this or something like it would be a modern way to get the files off the SP-1200 and at least onto a computer?

My understanding is you boot the vintage SP-1200 with the special software they send you on floppy which allows you to transfer yer SP-1200 disks to the new machine. The new 1200s will use the standard .hfe format for floppy disk images. From what I gather, it should behave like an SP-1200 with a Gotek or Lotherek floppy emulator installed for the most part. I do seem to recall there will be some extra functionality for naming the images and whatnot. I sold my SP in August but I do have the Rossum machine on order so will know more when they ship the second batch out.

Please do update us on the process once you get yours and congrats.