S2400 Factory Expansion #3 - FluxWithIt TapeBreaks

19 Acoustic drum breaks recorded in a vintage two mic configuration reminiscent of the Philly soul sound. Saturated at every stage of Mic pre, compressor and finally out through a Lo-Fi Tape recorder. These breaks were then sampled into the S2400 using it’s classic 12 bit 26khz mode with analog input filtering. Additionally drum one shot are provided to add some quick flexibility.

Enjoy these courtesy of Ken Flux Pierce of Fluxwithit.com



I should mention some of these are intentionally a tad quick to give you something to pitch down :wink:


thanks @Flux3021 much love and respect brother

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so they are already sampled @26k and pitched up

you know what to do :crazy_face:


Thanks Flux!



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Im a bit confused here, Great samples, but I thought the S2400 was the king for lofi stuff etc. Is there any reason to get the samples lofi before importing?

double lofi :crazy_face:

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I’m guessing you are new to production?
Basically a sampler can “chew on” what you put into it. Sampling a clean source is fine for many things but sampling a dirty source is a whole other ball of wax. Using things like tape saturation, distortion etc gives the source materials more harmonics . These harmonics tend to accentuate that aliasing effect of a lower sample rate because a lower sample rate can not reproduce upper harmonics cleanly.

Furthermore using vintage style recording techniques (in this case using a daptones /Philly soul style of 2 mic recording) gives a similar flavor to the style of drums I would often prefer to sample for my own music. This tends to keep all the drums in a uniform character as opposed to when you mix each individual drum where the drums end up sounding more punch but less natural.

I recommend you start expirementing with dirty sources if you have never done so.


Fair enough. I would do it the other way round though. That is put clean vinyl samples through the S2400 and then add effects like tape saturation after ive run it through everything the sampler can throw at it. It just seems a more logical workflow for me anyway. :slight_smile:

“I recommend you start expirementing with dirty sources if you have never done so”.

Oh lawdy lord. You naughty boy ! :hot_face:

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Well as I said, you can get clean sources from anywhere…
where’s the fun in that. Also putting tape saturation in post does not give the same effect as sampling a source that already has it.


thx much! :four_leaf_clover: