**NEW ALBUM** of glitched-out, lofi, boom bap!

Just finished up this year’s lofi beat collage installment. Check it out when you get a chance. The album is roughly 26 minutes and designed to be listened from front to back, no skipping. Available for free download via Bandcamp. Enjoy!

Equipment Used:
Native Instruments Maschine MKIII
Isla Instruments S2400
Roland SP-404 MKII
Roland SP-404A
Behringer TD-3
Behringer D
Tascam Porta02 MKII
Hologram Microcosm




Every time I think Im getting better at that sorta style Rbwduece sends me back to the drawing board :slight_smile: Listened on sound cloud. Dope as usual.

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Thanks for the listen and kind words! :metal:t2:

Crazy :heart_eyes:
Did you control the Microcosm via MIDI from the S2400?