LiveLooping - Can older layers fade away like on tape?

Seems from what I have read like the answer is no, but would be super cool if you could select either (A) how many bars a loop plays at full volume before fading away, or (B) selecting max # of layers before the oldest layer fades out.

Fade could be linear volume fading out over 50% of the duration of A. [if you select 8 bars before the oldest loop layer begins to fade, then the fade would take 4 bars].

or the fade could be filter based so you gradually lose the highs, allowing new full spectrum layers to be more present until the oldest ones are fully saturated background mud and fade away. filtering could be DSP if easier.

** Another idea would be to add a livelooping mode where track 1 records all your new input, then after each pass that bar moves over a track, and so on, with each successive track having additional filtering and slightly lower volume. *** And for another gem, if there’s no new level/input detected on Trk 1 for a full bar/pass, then the process holds and maintains what’s in the buffer indefinitely.