Adding the select wheel push as a mean to change bpm tenths

Small detail but as it can save left hand moves and increase efficiency for people who use the wheel, let me launch the idea and write the following request:

-Access to BPM tenths when on the BPM field by pressing the select wheel.
-Making a small change on how it works and what is displayed on the screen.

Currently what is highlighted is the whole BPM range but what is changed is the numbers before the dot. When pressing shift and moving the wheel tenths can be adjusted.

So the idea is by default showing only the BPM range before the dot. When pressing the select wheel or shift, extending the displayed BPM range to tenths. Then, adjusting tenths. Then, when pressing the wheel or shift again, it exits and go back to the default display before the dot.

The reason is I adjust the BPM roughly first, then I adjust it precisely. So being able to stay in the tenths range can be handy instead of using a combination of keys/moves for small adjustments.