A glitch in the matrix?

Ok so I just logged into my account to find that the name has changed from my name (Wax100beats) to “Luca Lupatini”.

Not only has my account name changed but there are posts written by Luca that are now seen as written by me…but not me as in me, but me as in “Luca” (which is not me)…if that makes sense.

Anyone else having similar problems?

(Oh, also tried creating a support ticket but got a notification saying ‘cant create ticket for this user’, not sure if I was doing something wrong or if I need to make one under the name “Luca”)

Don’t get me wrong Luca is a cool name, just for “Luca just cancelled my order” purposes i’d rather rectify the problem.


I’m not a support person but if you haven’t already I would go into your account settings and look at that first and do a change in password as well.


Cheers, yeh changed the password from my account settings on islainstruments.com (where everything looks fine account wise).

But on the forum account settings it’s a different story, I cant change the name or the email address, it did let me have the option of logging out from other devices though, one of which locations was in Italy.

That is just so weird. I’d create a ticket…

Tried making a ticket but i just keep getting a message saying ‘sorry, you are not allowed to do that’

Tried with my account name and this mysterious Luca…no difference.

Can’t create a ticket as a new customer because my emails already linked… :sweat:

Hi and sorry to see you are having issues with your account.

It actually happened to ours too where all looks good on islainstruments.com but things happened to change here on the forum. We are looking to fix this as soon as possible.

We checked upon the usernames and there are 2 accounts that relate in this case, one user email from "Luca… and another one with "Wax100… We need to confirm these emails and associate to each account.

So to get to know where the problem can be, I would kindly ask you to please address and email with all your account info to - support@islainstruments.com.

We will get the info forwarded and start looking into finding a solution to fix this.

Thanks much for understanding.



Cheers for explaining.

Yeh no worries I’ll send you my info shortly

Thanks again.

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Hi, I’m experiencing the same problem.

my original account
Username: “noisemodule”

I can’t change the username, email, or “real” name for this account. I am not Roger Caldwell and I have no idea who that person is.

My name is Seth Kolon.

I tried to log out and log in using my original email and password credentials, but the forum just created a new account. I couldn’t delete that account after it was created, however…

I will email support@islainstruments.com with my information shortly.

Please help.

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