Swing Not applied [CONFIRMED 471]

I’m adding a hi-hat (track A4) on note repeat (yeah I know). My settings are pattern swing set to 50%
Hi-hat swing set to 52%
Pattern quantize set to 1/16t
Hi-hat quantize set to 1/8t
With the tempo at 71.0 bpm

I have the note repeat lock on (shift+tap/repeat)
when I’m playing the pattern/sequence. While holding down the hihat, the swing is there. But when I hit record, the swing reverts back to 50%. I have even changed the pattern’s swing setting to 52% to see if there was a conflict and still nothing.

Latest firmware? Sounds like an old bug.


Latest firmware Feb 24 2022

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have you got record overdub lit by chance?

i had similar issue a year or so ago

Yes. Its only when I’m recording. When its not recording I get the desired effect.

Confirmed. It seems like that old bug fix only worked on straight Quantise values. But still exists when quantize is set to Triplet.

Thanks for reporting :+1:


:sunglasses::+1:t5:Thanks for the work!