Some buttons fire events on release

This may not be a bug but I wonder why some buttons trigger on release and others on press down?

I understand that the Erase button does this because it can be used in combination with pads (still it could light up until the pad is pressed, imo). But what about the A, B, Swing, Copy and Quantize buttons?

Also, the implementation of the Shift button is a nice touch (it is always on when pressed), but shouldn’t Multi Mode button behave the same way?

Sorry for bothering but such tiny things are crucial for machine’s integrity.

Multi mode button also stays lit doesn’t it?

Yes, it lights up on release when activating Multi Mode and stays lit. But I was suggesting lighting it up earlier, on press down.

Oh ok!

Buttons that work in combination with other buttons activate on release. You mentioned some of them. Erase, Copy, Swing, Quantize, Back, Enter, Bank can all be used with other keys. Multi Mode is the same because of the MultiMode+Pad shortcut.


That makes sense. Thanks!