S2400 User Manual (Updated Feb 24th 2022)

Just to clarify the waveform editor I believe is the name of any screen containing the waveform itself. The button you press to normalize is the Level button. The buttons are written in bold ‘save, level F1 F2’ etc. Hope that helps

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Not trying to be captain correcty lol, but the Waveform Editor instruction follows a very in-depth Loop/Slice mode instruction right above it in the manual, which is in sequence as one would need to understand slice mode before needing to use the specific waveform view of the slice. In the section right above the Waveform Editor heading, it reads “A Button: Switch to waveform editor mode.”

Read the manual as the words in bold are button/keys assigned a function, and the words following the : is the resulting function for that feature. Apply to Normalize - the key, Level, in bold = press Level to Normalize.

IMHO manuals should be as detailed as possible and easy-ish to read, but not cliff notes to scan. To fully understand any piece of gear, manuals should be read start to finish word for word. Definitely not designed to Crtl+F a given function, because you’ll skip right over the previous material that’s been put there in sequence to provide necessary understanding prior to more complex features. Going on a limb that’s what happened here, cuz I did the same thing a few times before I RTFM :joy:


Are there any planned updates to the sequencer or midi specs or is the manual fully up to date?

I plan to read it through but if there are major changes, I will wait until updated or I receive the machine.


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In mixer mode, to add a pattern to a current song, it seems that it is long-press F2 rather than a single press. A simple press on F2 will change the pattern number to 2.

That is how F-keys work.
Shift+number key is always the F-Key.
Long-press number key is always the F-Key.
On some screens, if you are not editing a numeric field, where number keys have no meaning, you can press the number key by itself to get the F-key.


Thanks for the explanations again. I understand now why I got confused. In mixer mode other F-keys have a visible effect. For example F6 brings to “Pattern Name”, F7 to “Live Loop”. F2 brings to nothing visible unless we press the Song button and confirm it is here.
Hence the question did it work? How does it work? → checking the help mode then checking the manual then finally asking here.
To prevent this I think a pop-up screen may be useful. Long-press F2 then something like “Added to current song” is shortly displayed and then no more questions :slight_smile:

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I agree feedback is needed when pattern is added to song. I added a popup message.


p.13 Supported Sample Formats
Shouldn’t “Bit Depth” include 12-bit?

I say this because on p.48 “Source”:
“Samples recorded at 26Khz are 12-bits (…)”

The S2400 throws away(meaning sets them to 0) 4 bits of a 16 bit file to make them 12 bit. They are actually stored as a 16bit/26000hz wav file on the SD card.


guys is the manual now upto date with the new latest O.S yet to be released?

if not do you have any idea when that version will be ready to read, i am about to receive my 2400 like many this month and just wanna scrub up on manual

cheers squires

The manual in the Downloads section of the website is up to date with the latest public firmware. When the new firmware is released, the manual will be updated too.


From my experience it doesn’t help that much to read the manual beforehand.

It is like a reverse experience.
When I wonder whether it is a limitation, a bug or something I may have missed I check the manual afterwards.

There are a few things you can’t do intuitively or logically.

To sum up, there is a learning curve but in my opinion it is better to have the PDF open while doing the first beats.

we all do things differently

i read the octatrack manual a couple of times before it arrived, i opened the box and hit power and already felt at home and going immediately - i nailed the so called hard parts inside a couple of sessions where i have seen people moaning they cant grasp it at all, i did same with rytm and analogue 4


Yeah I agree. I always look up the manual if I’m waiting for a new piece of gear to arrive. I find that I usually learn new things, and it makes the initial instant gratification from the first time playing with it that much sweeter. if I don’t have to stop what I’m doing to start reading a manual or watching a video, I’m a happy camper! Everybody has different styles though!

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hello world :slight_smile: according to brads latest post i am very nearly with you on this beautiful journey


Enjoy the manual before receiving the unit :slight_smile: A few illustrations have been added so it’s more user friendly now.


I’m having a look at the MIDI implementation chart, is there a specific meaning for the double asterisk like in the capture below?

Thanks for pointing that out. The last line did not get exported to PDF. That is fixed for the next update.
The last line reads:

** Must be received on the configured S2400 control port and channel.

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still digging into this beast of a machine…

a very small request…
(i just didn’t see this in the manual)

could you please include the Updating procedure along with the procedure if your machine fails updating in the manual? :slight_smile:

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That’s at the top of the forum post where you download the update from.