Problems with Programming Drums in Multimode

First question regarding drums in Multimode:

  1. I load a drum loop on A1
  2. I select loop/Slice in Multi Mode
  3. I select on Pattern 1 a Kick, on Pattern 2 a Hi Hat, on Pattern 3 a Snare
  4. I record the Hi Hat in 16th note
  5. I want to record the kick and snare over the recorded hi hat but every time when I hit the kick or snare and it is on the same Point where I recorded a Hi Hat one sound is not playing, the Kick or Snare or the high hat. So is it not possible to record a drum loop in multi mode and all the parameters playing. Or what should I select here?
    Then the question is: How can I program a drum loop by myself?
    Should I use not multimode?

Second Question:

How can I copy a arranged sample from A1 to A2? Since the last firmware update I don`t find a copy how to copy from tune pad to another. I only find Pattern copy but not pad copy.

You can’t have samples on the same track overlap. What you can try to do is assign your sample to other tracks and set a different output for the other tracks or saving your drum elements as separate samples and assign them to different tracks with different outputs if you want more control.

About copy pad, what about the shortcut copy+pad? doesn’t work? There’s duplicate in organize tracks as well.


Copy then paste with transcribe. See the manual and video about copy/paste that came out with the latest update.


Thanks for the shortcut. It works