Paul Revere cover on the S2400

As soon as I heard of the reverse feature in the new FW update, I had to (reverse)-engineer one of my all time favorites, and an all time classic. Super cool story behind the making of the original, and no it wasn’t on an SP - but an 808 recorded to tape and played in reverse. I’d guess I spent 100x more time on this :rofl: and that is in no way a brag. Just goes to show the raw creative spirit, experimentation with the of equipment that we look at as very much ordinary now, back in the early days of hip-hop…

(The) Beastie Boys along with their producer at the time, the legendary Rick Rubin, had just gotten a brand new TR-808 and were playing around with it at a “License to Ill” recording session. Mike D made a beat and MCA wondered what it would sound like in reverse. They recorded to tape, played back in reverse, and Rev. Run from Run-D.M.C. happened to be in the studio with them and said “Man, that is crazy!!!” In an even crazier full circle event, at a later recording session for License to Ill, the Boys and Rick were waiting outside for their studio which was being occupied by none other than Run-D.M.C. - when they were finished, Run came flying out the studio down the street toward them in a frenzy, when he got to them he said… “Here’s a little story I got to tell…”. The boys seemed confused for a minute and Run goes, “THAT’s the song” - they went into the studio and recorded it - on the beat that Run was there for the making of. Full circle legendary hip-hop history.