Painted text wearing off with consistent use

I haven’t used my S2400 nearly as much as I would have liked to. Very gentle treatment over the 9 months I’ve had it - yet paint do indeed come off. I’d take a replacement faceplate if it’s offered, though. As long as I can keep my current one to customize. lol

Definitely not raising a stink, though. It looks like an expensive, custom bent part worth a lot of money. These things happen. <3

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Hi y’all, #2141 here… kinda late on this but I got mine going on a year ago in December and I started noticing a few months in mostly around the Start/Stop buttons but gradually around the pads too. I keep my fingernails clipped and try keep my hands clean as much as possible and so I’m honesty not sure the cause.

I’ve had MPC’s throughout the years and other stuff and of course seen wear, but I’ve never seen anything to this extent.

That being said, I absolutely love this machine and it’s surpassed all my expectations and plan on banging out on it for years to come. I’m hoping they figure something out for us! The pics detailed the hell out the dust/lint lol, but really the only think wearing is the bottom paint areas.

Yeah that doesn’t look normal. They might have missed something at the factory. Only a few units seem to have that issue from the feedback we can see here or on Facebook.

Jeez that’s bad. I posted my pics further up about 2 months ago and it’s gotten worse since then, mainly along on the grey bar.

I wonder what the typical manufacturing process is for paint-finishes on drum-machines and synths is - is a satin/semi-matte clearcoat applied over the silkscreen?

Perhaps a few units missed this clearcoat from factory?

Definitely need to get a ticket in, this isn’t normal wear and tear

This is bothering me. Has anyone affected filed a ticket and can share the response from HQ?