No sound while editing/pad tapping

Tonight, while working on a track I noticed that at some point the audio engine stopped playing when I tapped the pad. It also stopped responding knob edits in loop slice mode. The track is playing back normally in the pattern, but I can no longer edit, shape or audition the sound. As for what I was doing when this occurred?

I set up 7 pads with a sound, recorded a pattern and then began to multitrack them into Logic. To do this I muted each pad except for one and recorded the pattern. This also happened while I was doing some sampling and editing in loop slice mode.


Also noticed it is ignoring the mute button for all tracks except this one:


and here it is playing the hi hat in pattern mode but not playing it when tapping the pad.


Unfortunately when this happens and you save the project it is no longer viable, the only option is to reboot and create a new project.

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ooooft that is weird