Negative Swing

Not many devices are able to do Negative Swing, I just saw that Behringer added this to their RD-8 recently:

and it can also be done on Korg Volca Sampler:

I thought this could be an interesting feature/idea to talk about [to be able to push the swing under the 50 %] :slight_smile:

Yeah I love that trick on my Volca Sample. A lot of cool performance features tucked in that little guy, I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of mine

Serious question, cant you achieve this with either flam or 8th vs 16th note swing? Im not saying this is a bad idea, just doesnt sound that different than the above to me.

Absolutely could.

What’s cool about the Volca is hearing the progressive changes, possible because you can really fine adjust negative swing on the fly with a single knob. I don’t think it would have the same feel if I had to go into the swing menu, or a track settings menu, and adjust swing on the fly there.

What makes it useful on the Volca anyway is once you have a pattern swinging however you can easily mute and solo while re-adjusting swing - which to me makes it more of a performance feature …fwiw also think they needed as many performance eggs in there as possible to spice up one bar loops lol

That makes sense @juniorg and having a more ‘real time’ aspect to it could definitely open possibilites

neg swing in rd8 and rd9 have a diff effect that is certainly noticeable, more so when hats are in play

neg swing will bring forward the OH and thus makes it shorter , grooves differently :slight_smile:

extreme example: normal, then 10 fwd swing, then 10 -ve swing, then 20 +ve swing , then 20 -ve swing

and while i am at it, here is a quick display using toms, ride n kicks - you can hear it quite dramatically how it pulls on the hits

-ve swing 1st

+ve swing after

and then this with kick, snare and RS

normal, neg, poz - feel the rs move around

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+1 For negative swing.

It’s one of those features that I really missed when I moved from an MPC 2000xl to the 1000. I shake my head every time I try to roll that dial to the left.

I think the tr-08 has it. I like the effect of full negative swing.
If I it’s easy to implement they should do it t.

Yeah I dunno the more I think about it, I don’t think I’d use it on the S2400 - probably cuz I have the Volca Sample for if I want that effect on a hat pattern or something - but honestly don’t think negative swing is all that useful aside from a performance feature IMO

Actually, it’s the same as full positive swing.
And I was playing with negative swing on the Deluge and it isn’t really useful at all imo.