Moontower - Hit The Lights (Made Possible w KordBot)

Hey yall–

My name is Tom and I am a bassist + producer in the 3 piece electro alternative band called Moontower. We just put out our final single of the year on Friday called Hit The Lights, the focus track off of our EP titled “What Day Is It?”-- our studio has been the proud home of a KordBot for quite a bit now and will have a 2400 in it as soon as Brad has them all shipped out, could NOT be more excited for that day.

Wanted to post the track in here, love the forum idea and love that i can give credit to the KordBot that really helped us unlock this track as it does so many others. Specifically the arp piano that comes in during the 2nd Pre Chorus is all KordBot-- check it out and let me know what yall think!

Here is the whole EP -
Hit The Lights on Spotify -

If you’re curious what the group is about, we made a performance video at the beginning of quarantine to make up for our cancelled headline tour, it gives a good feel of what Moontower is -

Also if you want to check out our socials - @thisismoontower on everything

Much love and forever thankful to Brad for his kickass work–

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Just being perfectly candid, this isn’t really the style of music I listen to… but, for what it is, I think it’s well done. Good production value, it’s catchy… great job on the energy on the chorus.

I doubt I’ll listen to it again, but in its niche, I could see this being very well received. Cheers.