Make Unique Pattern in Song Mode

When building a song it would be a cool to be able to make a unique pattern while still in song mode to expedite variations and song creation.

Yes, please!! I love that on the deluge


I’m unfamiliar with this function and what it would actually do?

Can you explain further what it does and how you would use it?

What’s the point of making pattern changes in song mode?

So basically it will make the pattern you choose unique to what it was before. Similar to how you copy patterns in pattern mode but it’ll be in sond mode.

Normally helps as a shortcut to create song variations and structure quickly.

Yes basically what beatsheik said.
For example say you have one pattern for verse 1 and 2 of a song and you want to add a fill to the end of verse 2. You could select that and make it unique and add the fill without the fill being added to verse 1 in your song.

I guess it would make a copy of the pattern and change it to that pattern in song mode automatically.