In step edit moving a MIDI note resets it

I’ve recorded a midi pattern in Pad E1 (which is pad mode pitched)
when editing in Step Edit and try to move a note event by pressing f4 + pad E1 and place overlapped with a previous note. The note pitch and velocity are reset to c-2 and 0.
Just reproduced it isolated in a new blank project

I cannot reproduce this issue. Are you on the latest (2023-04-28) firmware?
If so, can you give more detail? What were the details of the two notes before moving? Where there any other tracks in the pattern?

  • new project
  • goto bank E
  • goto step program
  • insert 1 note by pressing a pad (E1)
  • scroll to a different location in the sequence
  • enter a 2nd note (E1)
  • press F4
  • scroll to location of the 1st note
  • press ENTER to finish the shift
  • press ENTER again to view details of the selected step
  • the 1st entry has now lost its original pitch and is now: C-2, the velocity is zero

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Got it. Thank you for the detailed repro steps.

(Thanks! I was the second user on the forum)

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Happy anniversary :slight_smile:

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