Chopping screen question

hi guys,

When you use the big encoder on the chopping screen, it clicks between start point and end point of the slice and another icon that looks like "< > " … what does this icon do? I don’t seem to have any use for it and have to redundantly click over it when I’m moving between start and end points, would be nice to be able to remove it or turn it off (or learn how to use it!) … I notice ski beats and other you tubers seem to click over the icon too.


That lets you scroll the window left and right to scan through the waveform. To see it work, zoom in on a slice and then move to the <> control and you will see a horizontal scroll bar indicate your position in the window. Its useful for working while zoomed in, I mainly use it when Ive hit F2 to zoom in to the start and end point but the end point isnt quite where I want it to be, I can use that to find the end point without having to zoom out.

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Ah I see, that makes sense … I was only using F1 and F3 for zooming in and out, not scrolling once zoomed. thanks!