Broken USB host connection

Hi everyone

I just tripped over a USB cable connected to the USB host and it went bust… How easy is this to repair???


Raise a support ticket and we’ll look after you :slight_smile:

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ouch, my biggest fear !! the one thing about the USB set up is the unbelievable weak design of the usb connection system .It seems that it should be some kind of unbreakable insane tough connection for these super expensive synths and drum machines . but, when it came out, it was revolutionary so no real complains… except that they are so easy to break!

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There’s only a few manufacturers of USB connectors on the market and it doesn’t really depend on the price of the marketed product that we, consumers, purchase. It’s unfortunately the way it is with all USB connectors. Micro USB ones are especially bad and there’s really no way around it

It’s pretty much the fate of ALL connectors except for something like the magnetic connectors used by Apple products a couple generations ago (and I’m not sure if those would be good for data).

At the very least, it’s a cheap and easy fix. The real solution, though, is proper cable management. Have clean cable runs, velcro them where possible, use strain relief, etc. It’s not a sexy use of money but, like good cables or a comfortable ergonomic chair, is worth every penny.

The D shape connectors with the little tongue bit in the middle are the most prone to breakage as you have discovered. I had the same problem with my audio interface, and the manufacturer simply replaced the device. Hopefully the Caladan has USB C

Thanks guys… My main concern was updates but apparently we can also do so via SD card…which I just did… :slight_smile: